When you see red and green, you think Bangladesh

Many who live outside the country have a touch of red and green in the daily use of small things. Country maps or flags are painted on key rings or coffee mugs

Separately, red or green color has its own meaning. But when you see red with green or red with green, a name comes to mind-Bangladesh. No matter where you are in the world. These two colors are ingrained in the minds of Bengalis. On the occasion of Independence Day, I was reading the reports published in ‘Naksha’. The images in the reports written on the day were telling that Bangladesh was once represented in clothing through the two colors of the flag. That concept has changed a lot, now we are expressing our respect, love and pride through the lines of poetry, Bengali letters.

However, these two colors have remained despite the innovation in the design. Rather, along with clothing, red-green has also entered home decoration or lighting. The red-green t-shirt is still worn at home or abroad during the game. What can be better than this to showcase the country on foreign soil. Khalid Mahmood Khan, owner of K Craft, said that this year too, several old designs have been redesigned. However, due to popularity, T-shirts with flag, map designs have to be repeated. Apart from this, Independence Day dresses have also been designed with new song lines. ‘You at sunrise, you at sunset’, ‘Don’t open all the windows’, The lines like ‘first bangladesh am last bangladesh’ are seen on the t-shirt. Young people are more attracted to this type of design. Wearing a green blouse with a red saree or a red veil with a green kameez is very common now. But in modern times, many are wearing long jackets over red-green pants and tops.

Many who live outside the country have a touch of red and green in the daily use of small things. Country maps or flags are painted on key rings or coffee mugs. If you look at the fridge, you can see that a small sign of Bangladesh is stuck on the metal door as a magnet. It is like leaving the country but taking the spirit with you. When crossing the border of the country, we also have red-green souvenirs in our bags, to give as gifts. A different emotion works for both of these colors of the national flag. It can be felt even more if you go outside the country.

On special days, children can wear small clips on their heads or carry handbags. Many parents can arrange small flags in pencil boxes on children’s reading tables during the day. T-shirts can also have images of the flag. And after three or four days, you will feel better as soon as you go out on the road. The flag of Bangladesh will fly in the rickshaw, car or autorickshaw. There will be a bandana on the head. Small flags in children’s hands. Facebook’s profile picture also changed on this day. If you give something that has red-green than anything else, it can be understood that the occasion is March 26 or December 16. Reflecting the country, such designs can be worn throughout the year. But on special days, these two colors come to mind first. If you have red-green color in your heart, the color will automatically appear in your clothes.

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