Qatar’s School Robotics Competition gets out with record participation

The 16th School Robotics Competition began on Sunday, with over 700 teams from more than 200 public and private schools worldwide, representing a 35% increase over the turnout in 2023.

The event was spearheaded by the Qatar Scientific Club (QSC) under the Ministry of Sports and Youth, and it was held in close collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MoEHE). The Social & Sport Contribution Fund (DAAM) also supported it.

Several dignitaries attended the inauguration, including Minister of Sports and Youth Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa bin Ahmed Al Thani and Maha Zayed Al Ruwaili, Assistant Undersecretary for Educational Affairs at the Ministry of Higher Education.

Al Ruwaili emphasized the importance of such events in showing the talents of young people: “Challenge and competition tracks are the best way to exhibit the participants’ capabilities and hone their skills.”

Rashid Al Rahimi, Executive Director of the Qatar Scientific Club and Chairman of the Supreme Organizing Committee, emphasized the competition’s greater objective of instilling creativity and innovation in Qatar’s educational system.

He stressed the transformative potential of technological fluency in determining their future paths.

“Our youth have been given development and empowerment opportunities in the fields of science and technology, which has a significant impact in determining their successful future path,” said Al Rahimi. “We have many examples and models that we are proud of from our youth.”

Al Rahimi emphasized the dedication to sticking with this plan, which is in line with the strategic goals and vision of the Ministry of Sports and Youth as well as the Qatar Scientific Club.

He emphasized that their goals go beyond only instructing and credentialing students as they pursue their academic careers. Rather, their goal is to improve their abilities, give them more power, and provide them with the technological know-how that will be essential in the needs of the future labor market.

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