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Taiwan’s “Prince of Pommel Horse” Li Zhikai won the pommel horse gold medal at the World Universiade in Chengdu on the 5th. (provided by the college body)

(Central News Agency reporter Li Jianzhong, Taipei, 5th) Taiwan’s “Prince of Pommel Horse” Li Zhikai won the pommel horse gold medal as he wished, with a super high score of 15.500 in the men’s individual event at the Chengdu World Universiade today. “This is world-class performance,” coach Lim Yuk-sin said.

Li Zhikai, who has participated in the World Universiade for three consecutive times, has successfully won gold in the single pommel horse for three consecutive championships. He is also the first famous player in the history of the World Universiade to win three consecutive pommel horses. , 1987 completed two consecutive hegemony.

Li Zhikai ranked third in the single pommel horse final. The audience watched with bated breath. They saw that Li Zhikai almost perfected all his movements, especially the split-leg slalom, which not only had a larger range and more strength, but finally landed perfectly. Even the coach Lin Yuxin She couldn’t help but rushed forward to hug him.

Originally, after the competition, Li Zhikai first scored 15.400 points. Later, because a difficult action was added in the middle, but the referee did not find it at the moment. After the appeal, the points were added, and the difficulty score was 6.5, the implementation score was 9 points, and the total was 15.500. point.

Li Zhikai said in an interview with the conference: “I didn’t think too much before going on the court, I just told myself that I can do it, I just enjoy every move on the court, and when I landed, I knew that I had achieved the highest difficulty score since this cycle, so when the score came out I knew that there would be no regrets in this World Universiade, and I also achieved the goal of fighting for three consecutive championships before departure.”

Lin Yuxin said in an interview with Central News Agency: “Actually, I was still a little nervous before the competition. After all, my performance in the first half of this year was a bit up and down, and I haven’t participated in major competitions for many years. However, Li Zhikai is Li Zhikai after all, and now I finally breathe a sigh of relief.”

Lin Yuxin said: “I have practiced this set of movements quite a few times today, and a new difficult movement was added in the middle. I can only say that the whole set was done very smoothly. I believe everyone has seen Zhikai’s performance on pommel horse. The achievements are also world-class.”

Lin Yuxin thought it was a great achievement to complete the Universiade for three consecutive championships, but he also set his sights further afield.

Lin Yuxin emphasized: “As long as the next Asian Games are performed normally, the chances of defending the gold medal are believed to be very strong. But our more important goal is to get the right to participate in the Olympic Games at the World Championships at the end of the year. Add 1 or 2 points, so that you will have a chance to continue to win medals in the Olympics.” (Editor: Li Hengshan) 1120805

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