Crufts 2023 Judges Panel Including Breeds, Group

Judging is very important for every dog show match. Because they maintain the dog when the show is running. That means Judges manage the dogs so that the dogs show their tricks well.

Do you want to know which judges are in the Crufts 2023? Don’t worry, here you can find the full Judges list of Crufts 2023.

The Crufts Dog Show 2023 is now scheduled for 9-12 March 2023. Crufts have TV coverage with Channel 4 so you can watch Crufts dog show 2023 live stream online. 

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Crufts 2023 Group

There are a few groups in the 2023 Crufts. And in every group, there are many Judges in there. So what are these groups?

So first we try to know about the Crufts group and then we can easily know the list of Crufts judges. 

  • Hound Group
  • Gundog group
  • Terrier group
  • Utility Group
  • Working group
  • Pastoral Group
  • Toy Group
  • Other Competitions

Crufts 2023 Judges

2023 Crufts Judges are divided into 7 groups and in these groups, there are a number of Judges here. Judges play a very important role in maintaining the whole dog show. All judges are very highly experienced and have very good skills.

So let’s find out how many judges are in each group.

Hound Group

BreedJudge 2023
Hound groupMr. M Caple
Afghan HoundMrs. S J Hattrell
BasenjiMs. K Ellis
Basset Fauve de BretagneMr. M Cocozza
Basset Griffon Vendeen (Grand)Mr. E Engh (Norway)
Basset Griffon Vendeen (Petit)Mr. G A Hill
Basset HoundMrs. AMS Johnston
Bavarian Mountain HoundMrs. Z Thorn Andrews
BeagleMr. D R Craig
BloodhoundMr. G Hill
BorzoiMrs. L P Marchant
Cirneco Dell’EtnaMrs. A Albrigo (Italy)
Dachshund (Long Haired)Miss M Norton
Dachshund (Miniature Long Haired)Mr. F Kane
Dachshund (Smooth-Haired)Mr. J E Hunt
Dachshund (Miniature Smooth Haired)Mrs. R Lockett-Walters
Dachshund (Wire Haired)Mrs. R E A Barney
Dachshund (Miniature Wire Haired)Mrs. S M Ergis
DeerhoundMr. B J Doak
Finnish SpitzMr. M Cocozza
FoxhoundMr. F Kane
GreyhoundMr. G A Hill
HamiltonstovareMr. R Price
HarrierMrs. Z Thorn Andrews
Ibizan HoundMr K Jarvinen (Finland)
Irish WolfhoundMrs. D E Tebbutt
Norwegian ElkhoundMr K Jarvinen (Finland)
OtterhoundMiss H Wayman
Pharaoh HoundMrs. D I Cook
Portuguese Podengo (Warren Hound)Mrs. A Albrigo (Italy)
Rhodesian RidgebackMrs. T L Agnew
SalukiMrs. J M Macro
SloughiMrs. B Stoneham
Whippet (dog)Mrs. J P Wood
Whippet (bitch)Mr. J Horswell
AV import register classesMrs. E P Hollings

Gundog group

BreedJudge 2023
Gundog groupMr. G Haran
Bracco ItalianoMrs. J Ward
BrittanyMrs. L J Davis
English SetterMrs. L Upton
German Shorthaired PointerMrs. D S Smillie-Gray
German Longhaired PointerMr. E Engh (Norway)
German Wirehaired PointerMr. C Bexon
Gordon SetterMr. F Kane
Hungarian VizslaMrs. J Fairlie
Hungarian Wirehaired VizslaMrs. R J Newman
Irish Red and White SetterMrs. P Butler-Holley
Irish Setter (dog)Mrs. J S Reed
Irish Setter (bitch)Mrs. C A Sheldon
Italian SpinoneMr. J K Roberts
Lagotto RomagnoloMrs. E P Hollings
Large MunsterlanderMrs. P McCutcheon
PointerMrs. G H O’Driscoll
Retriever (Chesapeake Bay)Mr. J Horswell
Retriever (Curly Coated)Mrs. L Batlle-Hunter
Retriever (Flat Coated) (dog)Miss L S Jones
Retriever (Flat Coated) (bitch)Mrs. V Orme
Retriever (Golden) (dog)Mrs. L Kipps
Retriever (Golden) (bitch)Mr. R A Strudwick
Retriever (Labrador) (dog)Mr. D O Wilmshurst
Retriever (Labrador) (bitch)Mr G Spagnolo (Australia)
Retriever (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling)Miss B Johnson
Spaniel (American Cocker)Mr. G Corish
Spaniel (Clumber)Mr. R Dunne
Spaniel (Cocker) (dog)Mr. D Todd
Spaniel (Cocker) (bitch)Mrs. F V Mace
Spaniel (English Springer)Mr. J Lillie
Spaniel (Field)Mrs. J Bennett
Spaniel (Irish Water)Mrs. E Cooper
Spaniel (Sussex)Mrs. S Alderson
Spanish Water DogMr. N Egginton
Spaniel (Welsh Springer)Mr. F Whyte
WeimaranerDr. R James
AV import register classesMrs. E P Hollings

Terrier group

BreedJudge 2023
Terrier groupMr. D Guy
Airedale TerrierMr. S Plane
Australian TerrierMrs P Meacham
Bedlington TerrierMr. P E Bakewell
Border TerrierMr. D W Shields
Bull TerrierMr. J B Young
Bull Terrier (Miniature)Mr. W Browne-Cole
Cairn TerrierMrs C M Roberts
Cesky TerrierMrs N Evans
Dandie Dinmont TerrierMr. P Wilkinson
Fox Terrier (Smooth)Mrs A Tindle
Fox Terrier (Wire)Mr. E C Allen
Glen of Imaal TerrierMr. D Harley
Irish TerrierMrs B Deacon
Jack Russell TerrierMrs M Hooley
Kerry Blue TerrierMr. E P O’Hare
Lakeland TerrierMrs J Callon
Manchester TerrierMr. P Wilkinson
Norfolk TerrierMrs J R Stevenson
Norwich TerrierMrs C S Thompson-Morgan
Parson Russell TerrierMr. B W Aubrey
Scottish TerrierMr. J C L Herd
Sealyham TerrierMr. P Horspool
Skye TerrierMr. S Plane
Soft-Coated Wheaten TerrierMrs J Withers
Staffordshire Bull Terrier (dog)Mr. D B Levy
Staffordshire Bull Terrier (bitch)Mrs L L McFadyen
Welsh TerrierMr. D L Williams
West Highland White TerrierMrs. P A Molony (Ireland)
AV import register classesMrs. E P Hollings

Utility Group

BreedJudge 2023
Utility GroupMr. M Cocozza
AkitaMrs T Morgan
Boston TerrierMr. R I Millar
BulldogMrs M Harding
Canaan DogMrs A Albrigo (Italy)
Chow ChowMs. E Cannon
DalmatianMrs E B Tillson
EurasierMrs A Albrigo (Italy)
French BulldogMrs M Reed-Peck
German Spitz (Mittel)Mrs S J Hatterell
German Spitz (Klein)Mr. R Oldham
Japanese Akita InuMr. P Lawless (Ireland)
Japanese Shiba InuMiss K Pearson-Smith
Japanese SpitzMrs M C Hughes
KeeshondMrs S Jakeman
KooikerhondjeMrs Z Thorn Andrews
Lhasa ApsoMrs J Waghorn
Miniature SchnauzerMrs P A McDermott
Poodle (Miniature)Mr. R McAuley
Poodle (Standard)Miss J Kitchener
Poodle (Toy)Mr. L A S Cox
SchipperkeMr. K D Sinclair
SchnauzerMrs C Wareing
Shar PeiMr. P Harding
Shih TzuMrs S Brown
Tibetan SpanielMrs L Short
Tibetan TerrierMiss S B Dykes
AV import register classesMrs E P Hollings

Working Group

BreedJudge 2023
Working groupMiss E A Ingram
Alaskan MalamuteMr. D Smith
Bernese Mountain DogMrs I McManus
Bouvier des FlandresMr. R Oldham
BoxerMiss S Carter
BullmastiffMr. C Quantrill
Canadian Eskimo DogMrs K Howarth
DobermannMrs C Smith
Dogue de BordeauxMr. B H Blunden
German PinscherMrs J Lawless (Ireland)
Giant SchnauzerMiss P Moore
Great DaneMrs J King
Great Swiss Mountain DogMrs J Lawless (Ireland)
Greenland DogMrs K Howarth
HovawartMiss J A Condron
LeonbergerMrs K Hay
MastiffMiss T Atkinson
Neapolitan MastiffMr. E Engh (Norway)
NewfoundlandMr. J J Burrows
Portuguese Water DogDr. MP Buckley
RottweilerMrs I Nicol
Russian Black TerrierMr. E Engh (Norway)
St BernardMrs Z Thorn Andrews
Siberian HuskyMrs J Manley
Tibetan MastiffMr. J Horswell
AV import register classesMrs E P Hollings

Pastoral Group

BreedJudge 2023
Pastoral GroupMrs R Sporre-Willes (Sweden)
Anatolian Shepherd DogDr. R W James
Australian Cattle DogMr. P Lawless (Ireland)
Australian ShepherdMrs V M Leighton-Evans
Bearded Collie (dog)Mrs B Harcourt-Brown
Bearded Collie (bitch)Miss P Brooks
BeauceronMrs J Barnes
Belgian Shepherd Dog (Groenendael)Mrs. D M Penniston- Fleming
Belgian Shepherd Dog (Laekenois)Dr. P Cumberland
Belgian Shepherd (Malinois)Mrs. D M Penniston- Fleming
Belgian Shepherd Dog (Tervueren)Mrs D J Knight
Border Collie (dog)Mr. S J Beaumont
Border Collie (bitch)Mrs H Turner
BriardMr. K R Newhouse
Catalan SheepdogMr. P Lawless (Ireland)
Collie (Rough) (dog)Mrs V M Tame
Collie (Rough) (bitch)Mr. D Allsopp
Collie (Smooth)Mrs F I Kaye
Estrela Mountain DogMr. P Lawless (Ireland)
Finnish LapphundDr A Paloheimo Segersven (Finland)
German Shepherd DogMiss P Roe
Hungarian PuliMr. F Kane
Hungarian PumiMr. P Lawless (Ireland)
KomondorMrs A Albrigo (Italy)
Lancashire HeelerMrs R Parry
Maremma SheepdogMrs A Albrigo (Italy)
Norwegian BuhundMr. D Cavill
Old English SheepdogMiss M D Hall
Polish Lowland SheepdogMrs T A Cousins-Brown
Pyrenean Mountain DogMrs G P Pollard
Pyrenean Sheepdog (Long-Haired)Mrs A Albrigo (Italy)
SamoyedMrs P Tyler
Shetland Sheepdog (dog)Mrs P East
Shetland Sheepdog (bitch)Mrs G E Richardson
Swedish VallhundMrs M Bryant
Turkish Kangal DogDr. R W James
Welsh Corgi (Cardigan)Mr. B Croft
Welsh Corgi (Pembroke)Mr. B Coulson
AV import register classesMrs E P Hollings

Toy Group

BreedJudge 2023
Toy GroupDr A Paloheimo Segersven (Finland)
AffenpinscherMrs P A Johnson
Australian Silky TerrierMr. E Engh (Norway)
Bichon FriseMrs M Reynolds
BologneseMrs I McManus
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (dog)Mrs V Hull
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (bitch)Mrs E Hurley
Chihuahua (Long Coat)Mr. F Cochetti (Italy)
Chihuahua (Smooth Coat)Miss A C Davies
Chinese CrestedMr. R Dunlop
Coton De TulearMr. E Engh (Norway)
English Toy TerrierMiss J Baldwin
Griffon BruxelloisMr. S Seymour
HavaneseMr. J Ashwood
Italian GreyhoundDr. R D Hodges
Japanese ChinMrs L Stannard
King Charles SpanielMr. S R Goodwin
Lowchen (Little Lion Dog)Mr. S Brown
MalteseMrs G Franklin
Miniature PinscherMiss N Mackie
PapillonMrs C Lee Slater
PekingeseMiss H Simper
PomeranianMs. SA Smith
Pug (dog)Mrs W Ansell
Pug (bitch)Mr. J Swinge
Yorkshire TerrierMr. R Haynes
AV import register classesMrs E P Hollings


Do you like Crufts dog show? If yes, then you also like the Judge’s panel of Crufts 2023. Judging is most important for any kind of dog show. If Judges are not maintaining the dog show then people aren’t attracted to the dog show match. Most of the judges are very talented. If you want to be a Judge then you have to follow Cruft’s official website for more information. You will get this kind of information also here.

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